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401 Kildaire Road
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
United States

919 929-3585

Chapel Hill Day Care Center is a full day early childhood education program for children 8 weeks old to 5 years. Accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children assures parents that we follow best practices based on research about how children develop and learn, and the environment and interactions that best support learning.


Enrichment Activities

At CHDCC, we aim to enhance classroom curriculum by including enriching activities both within the center and through community resources. 

Enrichment Activities

At CHDCC, we enhance the classroom curriculum by including enrichment activities both within the center and through community resources.  Children get to explore hands-on activities and experiences learning opportunities that enhance their social and emotional development, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving and logical thinking. Because we believe that all children should be able to participate in enrichment activities, there is no additional charge to participate.


  • Yoga is offered at the center twice a month to children ages three to five years. The benefits children receive from yoga include increased flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness, as well as improved concentration and a sense of calm. Click here for more information about Marney Whitney, our yoga teacher, and the services she provides.
  • Gardening activities occur throughout the year at CHDCC. Through gardening, kids actively explore and discover the natural world around them.  They learn what it takes to make plants grow and how to care for them.  It also encourages healthy eating because children are much more inclined to eat vegetables when they have been involved in growing them! 
  • Music classes are offered twice a month at the center to children ages two to five years.  Through music, children learn spatial reasoning, math skills and how to pay attention to detail. Music lessons in a group setting also help to develop social and emotional skills.  Click here  for information about our music teacher, Danny Gotham.
  • Throughout the year members of the community are invited to share their talents and experiences with the children at the center. For example, we have had storytellers, magicians, scientists, dancers, athletes and artists. They visit the center to share stories, talk about what they do and open children’s eyes to the various forms of art and expression in the world.
  • Children ages three and older also participate in field trips within the community. Typical field trips include going to the fire station, attending age-appropriate performances at The Arts Center or the Century Center and visiting the Planetarium.