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401 Kildaire Road
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
United States

919 929-3585

Chapel Hill Day Care Center is a full day early childhood education program for children 8 weeks old to 5 years. Accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children assures parents that we follow best practices based on research about how children develop and learn, and the environment and interactions that best support learning.



The answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

What are your hours of operation?

Chapel Hill Day Care Center (CHDCC) is open from 7:30am until 5:45pm. We encourage parents to regularly arrive by 9:30 so that your child can take advantage of all the fun educational activities our program offers. It also helps your child feel like part of the group.

What is a nonprofit child care program?

CHDCC is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. We are not owned by an individual or affiliated with any other organization, but have a board of directors who have fiscal and legal responsibility for the program. The board is comprised of parent, community and staff representatives. The board hires the director, who hires all other staff and is responsible for the operation of the program.

Does Chapel Hill Day Care Center have a preschool, or are you just a child care center?

Chapel Hill Day Care Center (CHDCC) was established in 1967, and the words "day care" have remained in our name since.  Traditionally, preschools have offered part-day programs and day care centers have been full-day programs. Don't let our name fool you! We provide high quality early childhood education for all children in our care.

You can learn about the benefits of full-day early childhood education here.

Is there a special time set aside for learning?

Children learn during every waking hour. When a child is warmly greeted by classmates happy to see him, he knows he has friends and belongs to a classroom community. That child is learning social skills. When a child helps at mealtime by placing one plate in front of each chair, she is practicing early math skills. The daily schedule includes a balance of small and large group activities, some of which are child-directed and others are teacher-initiated activities. Each day provides both active and quiet play, with many opportunities for learning.

Do you offer a part-time program?

CHDCC is primarily a full-time program. We do not offer part-day care, although families may choose to pick up their children early. We only provide part-time care (fewer than 5 days a week) when we have two or three children in the same classroom with schedules that match up to equal one or two full-time spaces. A 10% tuition increase is also applied. When children transition each August, part-time enrollment will only continue if there is still another child with a matching schedule.

Why is CHDCC so expensive?

Providing high-quality care is expensive. An early childhood program's quality is only as good as the teachers and support staff who work there.  We strive to hire an educated staff that is a good fit with our program's philosophy, and to provide them with the best wages and benefits that the tuition can afford. Each year about 80% of our operating budget is spent on personnel costs.

What kind of financial assistance is available to help with tuition fees?

Chapel Hill Day Care Center accepts child care vouchers through the Orange County Department of Social Service and UNC student scholarships through Child Care Services Association. We sometimes contract with neighboring counties as well. We reserve a number of spaces for infants, toddlers, and two-year-old children who are enrolled through our partnership with Early Head Start. Chapel Hill Training Outreach Program fills these spaces. Please let us know prior to enrolling if you anticipate applying for any child care subsidy.

Do you charge parents the difference between the scholarship tuition payment and private tuition payment?

CHDCC does not charge the tuition difference when the scholarship agreement is with Orange County DSS, Child Care Services Association or Early Head Start. When there is a difference between private paying tuition and the rate paid by the subsidizing agency in neighboring counties, we reserve the right to charge the parent all or a portion of the tuition difference.  CHDCC has a limited amount of funds to help offset the difference. Families may also apply for emergency tuition assistance through the CHDCC Board of Directors.

When should I register for the waiting list?

Our waiting list for each age group is arranged by the date the registration and fee are received, so sooner is always better. Expectant parents can even register as soon as a due date is established.

Is CHDCC affiliated with Southern Village?

Although we are located in the Southern Village community, we serve families who live all over Orange County, northern Chatham County, Durham County and Alamance County.

Does CHDCC have a diverse family base?

Yes, CHDCC is committed to maintaining a diverse population that is reflective of the surrounding communities. Our families come from various racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with a wide spectrum of languages, family structures and economic means represented.

Does CHDCC serve children with special needs?

While we are not the best setting for every child, we strive to provide reasonable accommodations and an inclusive environment to all children. Parents may see a variety of therapists and other specialists helping individual children meet their developmental potential. Often, therapists work with an individual child in the classroom setting and involve other children in their fun activities.