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401 Kildaire Road
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
United States

919 929-3585

Chapel Hill Day Care Center is a full day early childhood education program for children 8 weeks old to 5 years. Accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children assures parents that we follow best practices based on research about how children develop and learn, and the environment and interactions that best support learning.




Good nutrition is an essential component of children's development. CHDCC provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack for all children enrolled. The food is prepared in the Center’s kitchen by our own cook, who has been working at CHDCC since 2008. The nutritional value of the food we serve to children and our staff is important to us.

Some of the principles that guide our food program include:

  • We serve antibiotic-free milk.
  • We do not serve juice, but we do serve and fresh and frozen fruit and limit canned fruit to no more than once a day. For more information on fruit juice click here
  • We serve fresh and frozen vegetables, and place weekly orders through Farmer Foodshare to purchase seasonal North Carolina-grown fruits and vegetables.
  • We provide at least one vegetarian lunch each week, often using beans as a protein source.
  • We do not serve fried or pre-fried foods.
  • Since loaf bread is frequently part of our meals, we purchase high-quality whole grain bread with lots of fiber.

Meal and snack times are great opportunities for learning. At CHDCC, meals are served family style, allowing children to become practiced at serving themselves, passing food to each other, and engaging in discussions. Teachers sit and eat at the tables with the children to model healthy eating habits, encourage children to try new foods, and help children listen to their bodies to recognize when it is hungry and when it is full.

As participants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, CHDCC follows the federal program's requirements for menu planning.

Our current weekly menu can be viewed here.