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401 Kildaire Road
Chapel Hill, NC, 27516
United States

919 929-3585

Chapel Hill Day Care Center is a full day early childhood education program for children 8 weeks old to 5 years. Accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children assures parents that we follow best practices based on research about how children develop and learn, and the environment and interactions that best support learning.



The Chapel Hill Day Care Center's staff are highly qualified child caregivers.

All of our staff members are highly qualified professionals.

At least 75% of our Primary Teachers have an Associate or Bachelor degree in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, or a similar field. The other Primary Teachers have a minimum of 12 credit hours in Early Childhood and are encouraged and supported in continuing their education.

Our full-time Floating Teachers have at least an introductory course in Early Childhood Education and are required to pursue at least 12 additional credit hours.

CHDCC Afternoon Assistants have completed an introductory course in Early Childhood Education, and many continue to take courses.

Prior to employment, each staff member was carefully evaluated to ensure a good match with our program philosophy.  This process included an in-depth interview with the administrators, observation of the applicant interacting with children in a classroom, input from staff about those interactions, and a criminal background check through the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.


Latiel Fields, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: January 2007

Latiel became an early childhood educator because she believes there is nothing more rewarding than watching a child grow, and that to go from first steps to figuring out how to solve problems both for themselves and others is what life is all about.

She also believes that as an adult, it is easy to forget what it is like to be a child.  But when she can be as silly as a three-year-old, remember to laugh and make fun of herself, learning is not only fun, but memorable.

Ebony Curry, Primary teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: November 2013

Ebony is working toward an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children for eight years and has enjoyed every day of it.

She describes herself as a mom, creative and active. The most satisfying part of teaching, in her opinion, is knowing that she positively influences the lives of the future generation.

nahija Khan, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: November 1999.

Nahija became an early childhood teacher because she likes children and enjoys spending time with them. She would describe herself as cheerful, honest and loyal.

Nahija makes learning fun by reading books with the children, singing, dancing, and incorporating new, age appropriate activities and materials in the classroom frequently.  In her more than 15 years at CDHCC, she has found that the most satisfying part of teaching is seeing how children grow and learn.

Susannah savage goldwater,               Primary Teacher

Has worked at CHDCC since: December 2014

Susannah, who has been teaching her whole adult life, first worked at CHDCC from 1995-1997 and returned in December of 2014. She finds that her students both challenge and inspire her and she respects each child as a unique individual with the ability to succeed in whatever he/she desires.  As an early childhood educator, she enjoys that she gets to sing, dance, read books, do art, build with blocks, play games, pretend, and go outside every day.  There is nothing she finds more rewarding than being a part of a child’s life, to share their experiences and watch them learn, grow, and develop. She feels that seeing the world through their eyes makes teaching each day an exciting, fun adventure.


Grace Garcia, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: March 2007

Grace has 13 years of experience working with kids, including as a kindergarten assistant teacher in Mexico. She is currently working on earning her degree.

Children are Grace's passion and she loves watching them grow, learn and  become independent. She is fun, active and creative, and she makes learning fun by singing, dancing and playing.

Krista Freeman, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: August 2006

Krista likes to create activities that let the children explore and find new ways to engage in the activity.  She enjoys cooking projects, music, dance and, of course, reading.

To her, the most satisfying thing about teaching is watching the children grow and change.  She likes to see their faces when they learn something new and to hear their laughter.

Brittney Edwards, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: September 2013

Brittney loves conversing with young children, their honesty and imagination, seeing the world through their eyes and helping them learn and discover new things.

She describes herself as dedicated, organized and patient.

Keona Foushee, Primary Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: August 2014

Keona has been working in child care since 2002, when she was still in high school. She loves seeing the children's different personalities and watching them grow.

She gained experience by helping her mom raise foster children.  She fell in love with the idea of teaching children because at this age their minds are so impressionable and she can teach and foster so much learning.  When she realized how much she could help and teach young children she knew that is what she wanted to do.

She describes herself as fun, silly and creative. She makes learning fun by singing songs and incorporating music and entertainment. 

Carima Neal, Primary TEACHER

Has been working at CHDCC since: August 2010

Carima's passion has always been to teach young children.  The highlights of her days at work are when she sees a child’s eyes light up when they learn or accomplished something new.  She enjoys watching and guiding them as they explore the world around them.  The activities that they are engaged in bring so much excitement to their faces. 

She believes early childhood teachers give children a positive experience to remember and expose them to things that they may not be exposed to at home. She knows that at CHDCC, a kid can be a kid!


Latasha Garner, Primary Teacher

Sonia Dweh, Primary Teacher

Nicole Dixon, Floating Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: October 2010

Nicole describes herself as creative, organized and cheerful, and it shows in her daily interactions with the children.  The most satisfying thing about teaching for Nicole is the ability to be able to interact with all the kids here in the center.  She likes to be able to interact with the children while supporting their play, exploration and learning. She begins to ask open ended questions throughout their play and says it is satisfying to hear, during their discussions, what they are able to recount about the things they have learned a day, a week and even a month ago.  “The things they say will surprise you every time.”


Gloria Baldwin, Floating Teacher

Has been working at CHDCC since: January 2005

Gloria describes herself as caring, creative and patience.  It is her patience that makes her such an asset in the classroom. 

Gloria says the most satisfying thing about teaching is to see the difference that she makes in the lives of the children she teaches. Gloria makes learning fun by focusing on the children’s interests and incorporating those interests into everyday activities and games.

Jolmar Miller, Afternoon ASsistant

Has been working at CHDCC since: October 2014

Once upon a time, when the world was flat Jolmar volunteered at CHDCC.  She liked it so much, she stayed for several years to teach and be taught by the wonderful children that passed through its enchanted front door. But because she also had a wanderlust and thirst for adventure she ventured out again (bidding farewell to the wonderful families and coworkers she left behind) and went to work at Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center.  She stayed there for 17 years, until they closed their doors, and then returned back to the place of her humble beginnings to begin her story anew.